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We provide service under two distinct categories; Business Start-up and Established Business

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Business Start-up services:

Business Start-up
Business Registration

National Insurance

Awareness of legal requirements, Guidance and consultancy, financial penalty avoidance, we take you through the process and ensure that your business gets off to a flying start
Business Planning

Book keeping system
Business Bank account

Advice and consultancy, we review the requirements and help you through the minefield, we'll help you test your business proposal and give you an objective and realistic appraisal

We provide a quarterly review for the first year, help you establish your asset requirements - plant and equipment needs - develop funding and borrowing requirements and help you to produce a cohesive and inclusive Business plan

Established Business services:

Established Business
Accounts preparation

Prepare Accounts and review with client

We pride ourselves on making this an inclusive review, we perfom this service in partnership with you

We provide up-to-date financial information, help you to forward plan, maximise your allowable expenditure, ensure that all regulatory requirements are satisfied and produce an accurate tax return

Ultimatley, we help you to maximise your profitablity, help you to plan ahead and avoid the financial pitfalls

Complete Payroll service:

- preparation of weekly and   monthly payslips
- notification of Inland Revenue   liaibilities (monthly or quarterly)
- provision of regulatory forms for   commencing and ceasing   employment
- benefits in kind, e.g. P11D, P46   car form
- Sick Pay
- Maternity Pay
- working family tax credit,
- stakeholder pension
- Year-end service; annual   employer return to Inland   Revenue P60, P11D
- Redundancy

We provide advice and consultancy, and a professional
fully outsourced service

We ensure that all Regulatory requirements are satisfied

VAT services:

VAT visits
VAT Return preparation

We provide advice and consultancy, ensure correct VAT return, and help you to avoid issues, penalties, surcharges and mis-declarations
Personal Taxation

Tax services

Self Assessment Tax Return
Tax liability calculation
Advance notification of future tax liabilities
Tax planning
Representation for Tax return investigations by Inland Revenue
Capital allowance computation
Capital gains tax planning
Inheritance tax planning

We provide advice and consultancy, and ensure that all legal and statutory requirements are met

We help you to avoid penalties and incorrect declarations, and minimise your tax liability

Our service is pro-active in nature, and we help you to look-ahead and forward plan for future tax liability
Audit and Corporation Tax services

Audit services

Perform audits
Prepare accounts and audit report
Ensure accounts are presented in a manner compliant with requirements of Companies act
Establish corporation tax liabilities
Complete corporation tax self assessment return
Lodge accounts with Companies house
Company secretarial service and registered office

We are Registered Auditors and provide a professional quality service

We provide advice and consultancy, and help you to meet all statutory legal requirements

Charities services

Accounts preparation

We are Registered Auditors and provide a professional quality service

We provide advice and consultancy, and help you to meet all statutory legal requirements

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